• Augmenting the Lips with Filler Augmenting the Lips with Filler – I have injected filler in hundreds of lips and even the most experienced medspa patrons can get nervous when I start talking about augmenting their lips for the first time.  Too many times we see people in the community or in Hollywood whose lips look over-injected and fake and it gives the impression all injected lips look fake.  This is just not the case.  When I inject filler in the lips or anywhere for that matter, I consider it a huge failure if I make you look fake.  I use filler to add subtle, attractive volume to the lips.  Below are some answers to the most common questions regarding filler in the lips.

    Are lip injections painful?

    Because the lips are so sensitive, I do nerve blocks in the cheeks and along the jaw line prior to injecting the filler.  The nerve blocks are a little uncomfortable but once performed your lips are numb and then I can just concentrate on getting the filler perfect.  Without the nerve blocks, getting filler injected in the lips is exquisitely painful.  Furthermore, if the nerve blocks frighten you then we can also use Pro-Nox or Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to further help with comfort.

    How long does it last?

    I use two fillers in the lips depending on the person’s budget – Juvederm Ultra Plus and Vollure.  Both are made of hyaluronic acid* but last different lengths of time.  Juvederm Ultra Plus lasts about 9 months while Vollure lasts 18 months, but is a little more expensive.

    Is there a recovery?

    The lips are a little sore and swollen the next day, so you definitely do not want to do it the day before an important event.  If you look at your lips the next day and they look too big, then we probably got it perfect because the swelling will definitely go down.  Bruising is a possibility; however, we do several maneuvers to minimize this risk.  Finally, if you elect to use the nerve blocks then expect your lips to be numb for about 2 hours.  It makes speaking a little difficult so do not plan on going to a work meeting immediately after the procedure.

    Is there something more permanent I can do?

    Yes.  Lip implants made of soft silicone work great, and also have a very natural appearance.  They are more expensive, but have a really nice look.  My wife actually has them, but don’t tell her I told you. J