When I took on the endeavor of building a plastic and reconstructive surgery practice I knew, beyond all else, I wanted to develop trusting relationships with my patients, providing the best cosmetic and reconstructive surgery care modern medicine would allow in a warm, friendly environment. Although excellent surgery is a cornerstone, creating a place where people know they are getting the safest, most advanced care is obviously much more. It starts the moment you enter the office and does not end until your last visit. Our friendly staff will make you feel warm and welcome as soon as you enter the waiting room and your initial consultation will be pressure free and tailored to you. Once your consultation is complete all your questions will be answered leaving no ambiguity about what will happen next.

I spent over a decade learning how to provide the highest level of plastic surgery and I truly love what I do. I completed a residency in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery (ENT) prior to my formal plastic surgery training providing the perfect base for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the body and the face. We look forward to developing a relationship with you.

You may notice there are no before and after pictures on my website. I struggled with this but to be completely honest, I never felt right about posting them. Because plastic surgery is a personal and private choice, even when given permission from the patient to put his or her pictures on the internet I do not feel right about doing it. When you come in for your initial consultation you will see multiple before and after pictures on the procedure you are considering, but you can rest assure none of your pictures will end up on the internet or in a magazine advertisement. 

Finally, please send us an email to info@fmcsurgery.com to be placed on our email list. We will email you my quarterly articles I write on various topics in plastic surgery. These may be on cosmetic subjects like, The Basics of Skin Care or How to Slow the Aging Process or reconstructive subjects like Skin Cancer or Breast Reconstruction. People who sign up to be on our email list will also receive coupons for discounted cosmetic procedures and invitations to upcoming open houses. Please take some time and peruse the website. We hope you enjoy it and find it informative. We appreciate you taking an interest in the Flower Mound Center for Plastic Surgery and hope to meet you soon! 

J. Drew Sanderson, MD