The staff here is incredible. I have had multiple procedures done by Dr. Sanderson and have gotten so many compliments from people! And the best part is they think it’s all natural! That’s the type of work Dr. Sanderson does. He accentuates your natural beauty and gives you perfect results that don’t look fake. Truly cares about his patients and won’t leave you disappointed. Just go in and meet him for yourself and you’ll see why he is the best at what he does. You’ll never see a different doctor again! Cindy does my laser procedures on my body and face and is such a fun, talented lady. I know every time I see her, I leave with better, healthier, glowing skin. She even takes the time to go above and beyond in her services to let you get the most out of your appointment time. She cares more about how you feel and the results you see over how many times she can get you to keep coming back and spend more money. Most physicians are not like this!!! I love her. The rest of office staff (Jana, Yoli, and the front desk ladies) are SO SWEET. They remember you and ask you how you are doing every time. I always feel at home when I walk in and have never felt so comfortable in a doctor’s office. Thank you all for making me feel more beautiful every day! Check out their membership options. Truly worth the price for the services they provide! Nothing in DFW beats their top notch services at such affordable prices.
Danielle F.
five star