• Our Patient Care Team

  • Yoli Cardona

    Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, this softball queen knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field ever since she attended a medical magnet program in high school. Yoli has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area for more than 15 years and has worked in a variety of fields including wound care, physical therapy and pediatrics. While one may think her true talent is office management and medical billing, this mom of six is really amazing at laundry (uniform washing at home and towel re-folder at work). After seeing her father experience dramatic results from plastic surgery after a life-threatening injury, Yoli had a calling to join the rewarding field of plastic surgery.

    If you could take three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
    “My family, my cell phone, and a comfy recliner to sit back, relax & drink a glass of wine. Surely even deserted islands will have wine, right?”

    Hollywood Crush?
    “Derek Jeter”

    What is one of your favorite quotes?
    “There’s no crying in baseball!”

  • Jana Klyce

    This small town girl from Bowie, Texas has a heart of gold that shines on all our patients. Most people know Jana for her compassionate nature and superior nursing skills (she gives the most gentle pricks in the DFW area). Jana comes from a family of health care professionals and always knew she wanted to help take care of other people. In 1993, she graduated from North Central Texas College as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and has worked as a nurse for more than 22 years. As Dr. Sanderson’s sidekick for over 6 years, Jana has learned about plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures from the best!

    What’s something on your bucket list?
    “To take a mission trip to a third world country.”

    Hollywood Crush?
    “George Strait”

    Favorite Cheat Food?
    “Anything chocolate”

  • Cindy Barnett

    While Cindy is amazing at many aesthetic treatments, she is best known as the “laser guru” at our office. After living in South Florida for nine years, she moved back home to be closer to family and attend the Aesthetic Laser Academy in Dallas, Texas. For almost two years, she worked at the Aesthetic Laser Academy learning the latest in industry technology. Cindy has a gift of making all of her patients feel comfortable and safe. As an expert in all our skin care products, she individually consults with each of our patients to create a customized skin care treatment plan. Cindy enjoys making women feel beautiful with a variety of procedures (while making them laugh at her hilarious and witty jokes).

    How would your best friends describe you?
    “Highly energetic, fun, caring and free-spirited.”

    Best concert ever?
    “The last Rush tour”

    What is one of your favorite quotes?
    “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”