• Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enlarge and reshape the breast using implants. Women with smaller breasts often complain of having difficulty finding dresses and bathing suits that fit well.  Enhancing the breasts with augmentation can help with this problem. Read More

  • Breast Lift

    With age and changes after pregnancy and breast feeding, breast tissue and the breast skin may begin to droop. A mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift the breasts re-creating a perky, full breast. How far the breast drops will determine how the breast is lifted. Read More

  • Breast Reconstruction

    Women facing breast cancer currently have many options in breast reconstruction, including implant reconstruction, local muscle flap reconstructions (TRAM or Latissmus Flaps), fat transfer reconstructions and free tissue transfer reconstructions. The multitude of options may seem very confusing and each choice certainly leads to a multitude of questions most importantly which option may be best for you? Read More

  • Breast Reduction

    Women with large breasts often suffer from back pain, tender grooves in the skin over their shoulders from their bra straps and even rashes under their breasts. These symptoms may be significant enough to limit them in certain activities. Breast reduction surgery may improve or even completely alleviate these symptoms. Read More

  • Male Breast Reduction

    Gynecomastia is also known as enlargement of the male breast. It has several possible causes and can happen at any age. The majority of the time no specific cause is identified, but prior to surgical correction you may need to see an endocrinologist or have hormone labs drawn to avoid missing a potentially easily correctable non-surgical cause. Read More