• What Makes Us Look Aged? What Makes Us Look Aged? In our late teens and early 20’s, we hardly giving a thought to getting older or what we are going to look like in our 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s.  However, time slows for no one and at some point we all look in the mirror and notice the fine lines of age.  For me, it was when I turned 40.  On that terrible day I had very clear memory of when my mother and father turned 40, and in my mind, at least when I was young, when they turned 40, they were old.

    What Makes Us Look Aged

    There are two types of people on this earth, those that accept age “gracefully” and those that fight it with great energy.  Thankfully for the latter group (a group of which I consider myself a part), we have made huge strides in hormones and cosmetic modalities allowing us to continue looking young well into our 50’s and 60’s.  Has anyone seen Sandra Bullock (53) or Kim Cattrell (61) lately?

    Sandra Kim

    The Right Choice

    With the right choices and a reasonable budget allowing for a few safe, regular treatments, we can all maintain a youthful appearance like them in our 50’s and 60’s.  That’s the good news.  Let’s first take a look at what begins to make us look aged. This will allow us to begin to understand how our treatments can turn it around.  First, the most obvious sign of aging are wrinkles.  These are created over time by small band-like connections between our underlying facial muscles and our skin.

    For instance, when we raise our eye-brows like we are surprised over a 30 year time frame our skin begins to develop transverse creases from the repetition.  Our skin begins to lose elasticity as the years and decades pass and the lines become deeper and more numerous.

    Next, we all lose volume in our faces as we age.

    This is a little less intuitive, but equally a huge part of the aging process.   The next time you see a 20 year-old, look at her cheeks and lower eyelids and consider how plump her cheeks are.  You probably will not be able to tell where her lower eyelid stops and her cheek starts because it is just one smooth transition.  As we age we slowly begin to lose this volume and if it is not replaced, we begin to look our age.

    Finally, over decades of exposure to the elements and the sun, red and brown spots begin to stain our skin.  These can take many forms and they are all treated differently.  Regardless, they add to the aged appearance of our skin.  We fight the above changes with filler, Botox, laser treatments, photofacials (BBL), and a good, personalized home skin care regimen.  All treatments I would be willing to bet the beautiful women above use regularly.  I will go into the differences in all those treatments in my next blog posts and I know they sound expensive, but with the FMPS & Aesthetic Spa Prime memberships, they become MUCH more affordable.

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