• Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation

    June 6, 2016
  • One of the things women most look forward to after breast augmentation surgery is getting brand new, stylish bras to show off their enhanced figure. Bra shopping after breast augmentation is an exciting time and we want to help make your experience a success.

    Wear the Right Bra at the Right Time

    While fancy lace undergarments might start calling your name soon after the bandages are removed; wait until you have your doctor’s approval before you start wearing a regular bra. A support bra may be needed for several days after surgery. Additionally you may need to avoid underwire bras for a period of time. Listen to your doctor and give your breasts time to heal properly.


    Get Professionally Sized and Fitted.

    You may have discussed a desired bra size with your surgeon, but that doesn’t mean this is the exact size you’ll actually end up with after surgery. Getting measured will help you buy the right size bra. You may need to be professionally fitted a couple of times in the months following surgery as your implants settle.

    Don’t Buy All Your Bras at Once

    It can be tempting to go out and pick up a whole new lingerie wardrobe at once after breast augmentation, but it is wise to wait. Your breast size and shape will continue to change for up to 6 months after surgery. Buy a new bra or two and then wait and see how your size changes…don’t waste hundreds of dollars on bras that you might not be able to wear in a few months’ time.

    Don’t Rush Shopping

    Bra shopping isn’t something you can squeeze into a spare 10 minutes. Plan your first post-augmentation shopping trip for a time when you can really focus. You’ll want to try on a variety of different bra types and styles. No two bras fit alike so you may have to try on several styles and sizes before finding the right ones. Don’t just analyze how you look with your clothes off; you’ll also want bras that flatter under clothing. You will probably need a variety of styles and types for the best fit under tanks, t-shirts, strapless pieces and sweaters.

    Don’t Be Surprised If Your Size Isn’t What You Expect

    Before breast augmentation, most doctors will work closely with each patient to determine desired breast size and shape. Many patients will tell them a specific size they would like to be (34D for example). This information is then used to select implants, but does not necessarily reflect the final size of a patient after surgery. Remember, bra cup sizes are not standardized. Doctors cannot guarantee a specific bra size when performing surgery. You should work with your personal surgeon to determine the size and shape of the breasts you want, but don’t worry so much about the numbers. The overall look you achieve after surgery is what actually matters”.