• 7 Tips for a Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

    June 23, 2016
  • When preparing to undergo a plastic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation, many women worry about the various after-effects of the surgery. If you are like these women, and you are considering going through breast augmentation, you are probably wondering what you can do to prepare for your successful breast augmentation recovery, and how you can help to ensure the best results. Here are 7 tips for handling breast augmentation recovery:


    1. Eat and Live Healthy in Advance of Your Surgery

    Healthy habits, even if just for a few weeks before your surgery, put your body in the best shape to handle a surgical procedure. For example, if you quit smoking three to six weeks before surgery, your respiratory system will be cleaner, and more oxygen will be able to get to your wounds, decreasing scarring and improving healing


    2. Fill Out Your Prescriptions in Advance

    Because you do not actually need to take these medications until after surgery, it may be easy to forget about them until then. However, because you will likely need prescription medication rather than over-the-counter pain meds, it is a good idea to prepare in advance so that you have the medicine in hand when you need it, and not a day or two after.


    3. Follow Instructions With Your Bandages

    You will almost certainly be tempted to look at the changes your doctor has made to your body, or even check on your scars. However, it is important to remember that the bandages are there for a reason, and that messing with them may negatively affect the healing process.


    4. Expect Scarring

    This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it is still important to be psychologically prepared for the fact that almost every surgery will leave at least some scarring. You may work with your doctor to figure out a procedure and incision that will suppress this aspect of the surgery, but you will still have some sort of mark.


    5. Listen to Your Doctor

    Following the instructions of your surgeon is very important, you should not skip one step, or medication instructed by your plastic surgeon. If you are feeling better and you think that it’s not necessary to continue what your plastic surgeon instructed you to do, then you should speak and consult with your doctor first before not following his recovery plan.


    6. Rest

    Breast augmentation surgery like any other surgery requires rest time. While it is also important that you take short, slow walks, even on the day of surgery, resting will help you feel a lot better and your scars will heal properly. You may become annoyed at the amount of rest time, this is the perfect time to take a leisurely walk break, even if it’s just around your house.


    7. Fall back into your daily routine

    If you are an active person you must be anxious to start going back to the gym, or your physical training, house chores, dancing, and any other activities that you had to stop for a while to have a fast and proper recovery for your breast implants. Only if your plastic surgeon agrees for you to start getting back with those activities once again, will you be allowed to slowly start picking up your daily routine once again. Try not to get involved with strenuous activities if your wound is not completely healed yet to evade any further complications.